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Welcome to Mindful Movement!

Rachel Morrison is a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and dancer passionately devoted to helping people move well and improve their quality of life by feeling healthy and vibrant. She believes movement is one of the most powerful and integrated routes to self-discovery, health, and happiness. Rachel seeks to empower her clients to embrace healthy relationships with their bodies in order to feel more fully alive.

Cultivating an internal attachment to exercise undoubtedly leads to healthy behaviors that produce long term results. Rachel believes her job is to lend her clients her belief until they develop their own - she believes they can do what they think they cannot until they achieve what they once thought was impossible. Then one day, the borrowed belief is unnecessary because their own grows deeper and wider than they ever could have imagined.

“We are physical beings - find your path and move through your life!”


Embracing Surrender Fall Yoga Retreat

September 20th-22nd, 2019

Come spend a weekend in the woods, nourishing and embracing your whole self through an exploration of the path of surrender. Yoga, meditation, and time in nature will pave the way towards embodying your most authentic self. The retreat will be located at beautiful Still Rock in Paris, VA and hosted by Rachel Morrison. Registration will open in the coming weeks.


Personal Training

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A customized program designed specifically for you and your goals.

I listen to the individual - to their goals, their fears, their “why” - and meet them where they are. Valuing communication and honesty between client and trainer as well as cultivating the client’s ability to hear and interpret the body’s intelligence, I identify limitations and then focus on building capacity.

Using the Functional Movement Screen to holistically assess mobility, stability, strength and motor control, I balance corrective exercise with challenging but safe workouts. My favorite thing to hear from a client is that they feel better.


Private Yoga


A personal practice with gentle guidance and individualized instruction.

We move so quickly in our daily lives that we often miss the amazing inner workings of the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga provides the opportunity to bring our awareness to what is right in front of us, creating the space to discover exactly what we need.

Whether you are looking for stress relief; meditative awareness; or stability, strength, and flexibility, private yoga instruction provides the the opportunity for deep work and growth. In the context of mindful presence, I will guide you through customized postures and sequences to deepen your understanding of your  their body, muscle activation and breath in a powerful and transformative way. This physical intelligence then cycles back to inform and reinforce the value of feeling and seeing ourselves as we are.


Group Yoga Classes


Mindful Movement DC

Small group vinyasa class held every Monday evening, at 1330 U St NW. $18 per class, with class packages available. Payment accepted via Venmo.

Past Tense

Non-heated vinyasa classes in Mount Pleasant.


Vinyasa Basics, Vinyasa 1/2, and Vinyasa 2/3 classes at YogaWorks’ 14th St. and DuPont locations.



Rachel is very down-to-earth and genuinely cares about my fitness goals. I don' t feel intimated by her although she knows a tremendous amount. She gave me a specific plan for my needs and has been an amazing resource. She ensures that the session is equally enjoyable and is loaded with mind- and body-opening surprises and twists for advanced yoga practitioners and beginners, alike. Awesome is how I feel after a session with Rachel.

It has been incredibly satisfying and I've learned so much. Rachel has a unique style and approach to the practice, which allows me to tailor it to my needs. Her intense and satisfying full-body experience is highly engaging and instructive. I have injuries and really appreciate that the Rachel offers modifications that allow me to practice comfortably. She leads each session with a focus that brings a deep sense of peace. I leave with a great full-body sense of well-being and strength. The best part is that Rachel loves yoga and has helped me fall in love with it too.


Working with Rachel has been the highlight of my experience in DC. If you are on the fence about investing in a personal trainer, Rachel is that one factor to completely blow you over that fence. Her methods and training plans are tailored to each individual and their goals — as a result, you see quantifiable progress. I have been fortunate enough to work with other trainers in the past, but only Rachel was able to give me the results I dreamed of. Now living in New York, I seriously cannot find anyone like Rachel; she has not only been a mastermind-trainer, but she has become an amazing friend.

Highly recommend to anyone!

Jo Ann

After I retired from a job that involved long days and too much stress (and no exercise — ever!), I made the decision to find a personal trainer. Rachel was recommended to me, and working with her has not only been truly delightful, but has also far exceeded all of my expectations — about personal training and about my own abilities!

Rachel’s approach to personal training is careful and considered. In my case, she assessed my abilities, made sure that she understood where there were actual physical limitations, and then developed a training program that addressed not only my personal goals but also other issues that I had not considered. She keeps track of each exercise routine and, as I improve, she adjusts the program — no session is ever the same! Rachel often goes above and beyond what is expected. I have issues with a severely arthritic knee and was very impressed when Rachel found exercises that might offer some relief and then incorporated them into our sessions.

Most important to me, however, is the fact that Rachel is the consummate professional. She is focused during our sessions but always enthusiastic and encouraging. Her belief in, and love for, her work are inspiring. I have so much confidence in her expertise and judgment that I find myself agreeing to try new things (e.g., yoga) just because she suggests it! I have a very high regard for Rachel and would recommend her to anyone who is seeking a knowledgeable and committed Master Trainer.

I owe much of the progress that I’ve made to Rachel and will always be grateful for all that she has taught me.                                 


As an avowed couch potato, one whose family blood line in "couch potato-ness" extends many generations back, I can honestly say that Rachel has a gentle but motivating way about her that makes those of us who feel uncomfortable with exercise and gyms more at ease. While she was my personal trainer over the course of one year, I began to look forward to going to the gym to see her. She was patient with me and knew exactly how to start me off given my abilities (or lack there of) and without making me feel inept or incapable.

During our time together she taught me not just what to do, but also how to do it correctly and why we do it. She gave me motivation and knowledge enough to come to the gym, even when we weren't meeting. The knowledge and physical self-esteem she imparted on me continues to this day so that while I still feel a bit out of place at the gym, I have greater confidence in what I'm doing, and feel more comfortable in my exercise routine. If you are a person for whom exercise is not a choice but a requirement, such as myself, you can do no better than to have Rachel by your side showing you the way to get the most out of your exercise, and much like a therapist helping you overcome your fears around exercise. 

Rachel's Story


A dancer since the age of 6, Rachel has been studying the body and movement for her entire life. She minored in Modern Dance at Washington University in St. Louis and pursued her personal training certification in 2013. She believes in bringing joy back to movement and challenging people to step out of their comfort zones for improved results. Her own transformative weight loss journey gives her special insight into making fitness a lifestyle and empowering others to achieve their goals, and she approaches training with creativity to meet each individual’s needs. Over the past 4 years, she has continued to further her education with four additional certifications and trains a wide variety of clients with goals including weight loss, injury recovery, cardiovascular conditioning and muscle gain. She trained full time for 3.5 years at VIDA Fitness City Vista, and in March of 2017 launched her independent business and trains her clients at a private studio in Downtown DC.

Rachel first started taking yoga classes intermittently over 15 years ago as part of her dance training.  She took classes more regularly with Támi Jacobs in Baltimore from 2008-2010 and then in 2013, she began studying with Eric Schwarz. After attending two of Eric’s retreats during the summer of 2015, she knew she needed more yoga in her life for energetic balance. Yoga quickly became the vehicle she was seeking to bind her relationship with movement and physical practices together with a spiritual grounding. She found in yoga the peace she now seeks to create in herself and others and decided to pursue her yoga teacher training at The Studio DC in the fall of 2015. She believes that challenging ourselves in safe and accepting environments is the truest path to self-realization, and approaches all instruction with a creative spirit. 

Rachel has been teaching at VIDA Fitness and The Studio DC since April of 2016, and at Past Tense since April 2017. In addition to Eric Schwarz, she has studied with Davis Burroughs, Anna Franklin, Elena Papina, Abby Dobbs, Alicia Moyer, Sonja Kubota Johansson, and Michael Peterson to deepen her own practice and feed her passion for learning.

Rachel believes that when we give ourselves the gift of moving for the sake of moving, breathing, being — rather than to achieve a particular result — we can be amazed that we feel better, that our spines grow longer, our shoulders and hips begin to open and we feel an empowerment in our bodies. She seeks to share with her students the beautiful reward of balancing effort with acceptance, and fire with surrender, while maintaining an alignment focused practice.