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Rachel is passionately devoted to guiding people to move well and improve their quality of life by feeling healthy and vibrant.
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Meeting people where they are, Rachel offers many ways to nourish body, mind and spirit.

About Rachel

Rachel Morrison is a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and dancer who believes in movement as one of the most powerful and integrated routes to self-discovery, health, and happiness. She empowers her clients to embrace healthy relationships with their bodies to feel more fully alive. Possessing a unique skill set to meet individuals where they are, she listens and connects with them to inspire positive change in their lives and is authentically invested in their wellbeing and the achievement of their goals. She focuses on how people feel rather than look, on community and connection, and on cultivating an internal drive for movement as empowerment, self-expression and a way to move energy/emotions through us. Her individualized/custom designed and progressive training programs and carefully crafted private yoga sessions center around the client’s body, needs, goals, and what makes them feel good.
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Rachel Morrison

Rachel's Approach

With a heart centered/feeling based approach, Rachel guides people towards better holistic health by teaching them to connect to their bodies through movement and live healthier lives. She created Mindful Movement DC to create and support a community of individuals who value feeling healthy in body, mind and spirit- one that is diverse and inclusive of all races, genders, nationalities and religions. Rachel uses intentional movement practices like strength training and yoga to nourish our whole selves. She believes in the importance of both goal driven strength & cardiovascular training and movement for movement’s sake—to increase awareness and enhance the ability to fully experience the present moment.

Yoga classes focus on nurturing the whole self, promoting self-acceptance and building physical awareness and capacity at the same time. Private yoga sessions are designed to meet the individual where they are and help them grow in their practice and towards their goals. Personal training programs are custom designed based on the use of the Functional Movement Screen to assess each client’s baseline and progress them towards their goals. Corporate yoga classes focus on mobility and kinesthetic awareness to combat the effects of sitting and computer work as well as provide relief from mental stress.
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Benefits of Membership

  • Unlimited participation in weekly virtual and in-person classes
  • Access to on-demand video library to practice anytime
  • A set class schedule to create consistency, accountability and community
  • Improved sleep, mobility, stability, strength, and resilience of body, mind, and spirit
  • Relief from the aches and pains of prolonged sitting
  • Rachel’s best value, bringing cost down to just $4.90 per class!
  • Cancel or pause your membership with 10 days notice after the initial 3 months
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As an avowed couch potato, I can honestly say that Rachel has a gentle but motivating way about her that makes those of us who feel uncomfortable with exercise and gyms more at ease. Over the course of the year we trained together, I looked forward to going to the gym to see her. She was patient with me and knew exactly how to start me off given my abilities, without making me feel inept or incapable. She taught me not just what to do, but how to do it correctly and why we do it. What she taught me and the physical self-esteem she imparted continues to this day so that while I still feel a bit out of place at the gym, I have greater confidence in what I'm doing. You can do no better than to have Rachel by your side showing you the way to get the most out of your exercise, and much like a therapist helping you overcome your fears around exercise.
Joseph, personal training client, 2014