Private yoga with Rachel Morrison of Mindful Movement DC

Private Yoga

Private yoga instruction offers the opportunity for deep work and growth. It provides stress relief by calming the nervous system; builds meditative awareness through focused attention; and enhances stability, strength, mobility and flexibility. In the context of mindful presence, Rachel guides her clients through customized movement and postures to deepen their understanding of their bodies, muscle activation and breath in a powerful and transformative way.
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Private Yoga with Rachel

Rachel offers both one-on-one and small group private yoga (2-4 people). She works in contracts of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, and individualizes all instruction based on each client's needs.
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Private yoga and meditation with Mindful Movement DC
Rachel is very down-to-earth and genuinely cares about my fitness goals. I never feel intimidated by her despite her vast knowledge base. She gave me a specific plan for my needs and has been an amazing resource. She ensures that the session is equally enjoyable and is loaded with mind- and body-opening surprises and twists for advanced yoga practitioners and beginners, alike. I feel AWESOME after a session with Rachel. It has been incredibly satisfying and I've learned so much. Rachel has a unique style and approach to the practice, which allows me to tailor it to my needs. Her intense and satisfying full-body experience is highly engaging and instructive. I have injuries and really appreciate that Rachel offers modifications that allow me to practice comfortably. She leads each session with a focus that brings a deep sense of peace. I leave with a great full-body sense of well-being and strength. The best part is that Rachel loves yoga and has helped me fall in love with it too.
Carla, private yoga client since 2016

Private Yoga FAQs

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  • Is private yoga only for advanced students?

    No! It is a great way to start for beginners. It provides personal attention and guidance for moving through postures in ways that benefit your body and mind.

  • Are private yoga sessions virtual or in-person?

    Rachel offers both! Sessions can be via Zoom or in-person at Rachel’s home or outdoors.

  • What is the difference between private yoga and group classes?

    Private yoga entails carefully crafted sessions, informed by dialogue, to meet each client’s needs and work with and through individual capacity. Group classes provide a fluid sequence and spiritual grounding with the option for students to modify postures for themselves according to their own needs.

  • How often should you do private yoga?

    Rachel recommends committing to at least one private yoga session per week.

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