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Holistic wellness has a direct impact on productivity and effectiveness. Organizations can promote more balanced and healthy lifestyles by helping employees undo the effects of prolonged sitting, combat work stress, and improve overall mental and physical health. Rachel works with companies to provide employees with a safe, structured, and convenient way to engage in wellness. This can facilitate tackling the key workplace issues of absenteeism, lack of focus, and retention by investing in employees’ holistic health.
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Provide yoga, strength, and/or meditation for your employees

Rachel offers both virtual and in-person corporate wellness packages, as well as recorded content, to make wellness accessible for employers and their staff.
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Office meditation with Mindful Movement DC
Rachel has been teaching a yoga class at my news organization weekly for more than two years. As a practitioner of yoga for 30+ years, I can attest that she is professional, experienced and caring. For organizations which may be considering offering her program for employees, it is worth noting that her style can accommodate many different yoga levels: the experienced yoga practitioner can feel challenged while the novice will not be intimidated, all in the same class. She is also 100 percent on time and reliable, which is worth a lot in an operation that works on a deadline and where we are often squeezing in yoga on breaks. Furthermore, safety is her number one concern!
Sonya, corporate wellness participant from 2019-2022
Our law firm partnered with Rachel for a guided meditation break during Well-Being Week in Law. Rachel worked with us to develop a theme impactful for a diverse workforce. Rachel cultivated a calming space (which is no easy task on a virtual platform). She thoughtfully highlighted the power of meditation—aware that some attendees may practice meditation regularly and others may be experiencing it for the first time. She beautifully balanced the mediation for all participants. Knowing we were in a conference room in business attire, Rachel provided us with recommendations to feel grounded to the earth. Employees left the mediation in a euphoric state. Rachel accomplished this all within a thirty-minute window. I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough for various corporate wellness needs. She is incredibly thoughtful in her approach and tailors it to the clients' specifications.
Hayley, corporate wellness participant 2022

Corporate Wellness FAQs

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  • What if it is too difficult to make time during the work day for wellness?

    Rachel offers morning meditation sessions before work as well as access to recorded content to enable employees to practice when their schedules allow.

  • Do employees need to have prior experience with health and wellness practices?

    No! Rachel carefully plans her offerings to be accessible for people without yoga, meditation or strength training experience. She also offers optional challenges for more seasoned practitioners.

  • How do employees access Rachel’s offerings?

    Organizations can book weekly virtual or in-person classes/sessions with Rachel or purchase membership access for their employees, giving them each their own account to attend any of MMDC’s weekly classes and access recorded content at their convenience.

  • Does Rachel provide services for special events?

    Yes! Rachel can provide any of her services for conferences and other workplace events on a one-time or recurring basis.

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