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About Rachel

Rachel Morrison is a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and dancer who believes in movement as one of the most powerful and integrated routes to self-discovery, health, and happiness. She empowers her clients to embrace healthy relationships with their bodies to feel more fully alive. Possessing a unique skill set to meet individuals where they are, she listens and connects with them to inspire positive change in their lives and is authentically invested in their wellbeing and the achievement of their goals. She focuses on how people feel rather than look, on community and connection, and on cultivating an internal drive for movement as empowerment, self-expression and a way to move energy / emotions through us. Her individualized / custom designed and progressive training programs and carefully crafted private yoga sessions center around the client’s body, needs, goals, and what makes them feel good.

Rachel's Approach

With a heart centered/feeling based approach, Rachel guides people towards better holistic health by teaching them to connect to their bodies through movement and live healthier lives. She created Mindful Movement DC to create and support a community of individuals who value feeling healthy in body, mind and spirit- one that is diverse and inclusive of all races, genders, nationalities and religions. Rachel uses intentional movement practices like strength training and yoga to nourish our whole selves. She believes in the importance of both goal driven strength & cardiovascular training and movement for movement’s sake—to increase awareness and enhance the ability to fully experience the present moment.

Yoga classes focus on nurturing the whole self, promoting self-acceptance and building physical awareness and capacity at the same time. Private yoga sessions are designed to meet the individual where they are and help them grow in their practice and towards their goals. Personal training programs are custom designed based on the use of the Functional Movement Screen to assess each client’s baseline and progress them towards their goals. Corporate yoga classes focus on mobility and kinesthetic awareness to combat the effects of sitting and computer work as well as provide relief from mental stress.
After I retired, I decided to find a personal trainer. Rachel was recommended to me, and working with her has not only been truly delightful, but has also far exceeded all of my expectations—about personal training and about my own abilities! Rachel’s approach to personal training is careful and considered. She assessed my abilities, made sure that she understood my physical limitations, and then developed a training program that addressed not only my personal goals but also other issues that I had not considered. She keeps track of every session, and adjusts the program as I improve. Most important to me, Rachel is the consummate professional. She is focused, enthusiastic and encouraging. Her belief in, and love for, her work are inspiring. I have so much confidence in her expertise and judgment that I find myself agreeing to try new things (e.g., yoga) just because she suggests it! I have a very high regard for Rachel and would recommend her to anyone who is seeking a knowledgeable and committed Master Trainer. I owe much of the progress that I’ve made to Rachel and will always be grateful for all that she has taught me.
Jo Ann, personal training and private yoga client, 2016-2018
Rachel Morrison of Mindful Movement DC doing yoga at sunset

Rachel's Story

A dancer since the age of 6, Rachel has been studying the body and movement for her entire life. She minored in Modern Dance at Washington University in St. Louis, pursued her personal training certification in 2013, and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2016. She believes in bringing joy back to movement and challenging people to step out of their comfort zones for improved results, greater self awareness, and personal empowerment. Her own transformative weight loss journey gives her special insight into making fitness a lifestyle and empowering others to achieve their goals. She approaches training with thoughtful skill and creativity to meet each individual’s needs. Over the years, she has continued to further her education with four additional certifications and trains a wide variety of clients with goals including but not limited to weight loss, strength building, cardiovascular conditioning and muscle gain. She trained full time for 3.5 years at VIDA Fitness City Vista, and in March of 2017 launched her independent business to train her clients privately.

Rachel first started taking yoga classes intermittently over 15 years ago as part of her dance training. She began practicing more consistently in 2008 with Támi Jacobs in Baltimore and then in 2013, she began studying with Eric Schwarz in DC. After attending two of Eric’s retreats during the summer of 2015, yoga quickly became the vehicle she was seeking to bind her relationship with movement and physical practices together with a spiritual grounding and nourishment for her nervous system. She found in yoga the peace she now seeks to create in herself and others and decided to pursue her yoga teacher training with Eric in 2015. She believes that challenging ourselves in safe and accepting environments is the truest path to self-realization, and approaches all instruction with a creative spirit. Rachel has taught over 5000 hours since 2016 and has also studied with Davis Burroughs, Anna Franklin, Elena Papina, Abby Dobbs, Sonja Kubota Johansson, Michael Peterson and Alicia Moyer to deepen her own practice and feed her passion for learning. She completed her 500 hour teacher training in 2020 with Alicia Moyer, E-RYT 500.

Rachel believes in the importance of both training for physical strength and empowerment, and moving for the sake of moving, breathing, and being without the need to achieve a particular result. They both have their place and the balance is complementary — hence her focus on yoga and strength. She continues to study the body as well as the philosophy and history of yoga and feels driven to guide others with her passion and knowledge, seeking to share the beautiful reward of balancing effort with acceptance, and fire with surrender.
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Certifications & Training

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Program Design Specialist
Certified TRX Suspension Training Instructor
Functional Movement Screen Professional
E-RYT 500 Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

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